About Us

Beauty Equipment Solutions, Inc. knows that you have labored for years to come up with the best concept, best layout, and best services for the beauty shop that you want to build. We know how you want your beauty salon to look like.

However, do you want to elevate your salon even more? Do you want to take your equipment and services to the next level? At Beauty Equipment Solutions, Inc., we can certainly help you achieve that! Allow us to help you improve your brand of services with our offerings of top-notch equipment and hair solutions.

We are bent on providing you, our beloved clients, with quality service and Salon Equipment in Palm Springs, Florida. We offer a wide selection of items ranging from barber chairs, belvedere salon furniture, pedicure spas, styling stations, and much more! We are also happy to inform you that our equipment solutions are covered with the standard warranties depending upon the item you purchased.

At Beauty Equipment Solutions, Inc., our staff is very accommodating and they are committed to helping you. They are all dedicated professionals who want to provide nothing but the best services and product selections for you to choose from.

We want to help you achieve your dreams by providing you with Salon Equipment Solutions in Florida. We want to ensure that you receive the quality of services and products you deserve. Call us now at 800-986-3362 for order and delivery inquiries.